Plumbers, just like any other skilled trade, can create beauty with the tools of of trade.  In our case of a plumbing repair business, that can be with copper pipe.

This article will show off some of the best plumbing cooper pipe installs we have seen.

Here is a boiler install from a company in the United Kingdom that is just awesome!

Here is an install video, sped up, of a thermodynamic water heater from a plumbing company in Paris, France.


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This big boy is now connected to the system ??!! I’m pretty satisfied. I still have to connect this thermodynamic water heater to the exterior. If you don’t know how it works, it operates on the principle of the air source heat pump. It extracts energy from the outside air. . Le monstre est maintenant connecté au réseau d’eau!??. Je suis plutôt content. Il me reste à me connecter à l’extérieur. Ce ballon fonctionne en récupérant les calories contenues dans l’air ambiant extérieur pour chauffer l’eau. L’air rejeté est donc très froid. . @thermorfrance @wago_contact @rothenberger_official #thermor #frenchrenovation #timelapse #waterheater #plumber #plumbing #diy #renovation #construction #deco #artisan #craftsman #batiment #make #create #build #builder

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Beautiful water heater install and cooper pipe “art”:

Nice cooper pipe for water heater installation:

Share any examples of these that you run across too please!